Streaming Media West

This week, I'm at Streaming Media West in San Jose, California. Seeing the sun, blue skies and relatively warm weather is a pleasant change from the rain swept northwest.
Today is a special pre-conference half-day workshop on Live Broadcasting with Silverlight and Windows Media, which my colleague Chris Knowlton is running. We're videotaping it for posterity and will get it posted as soon as we can.
On Wednesday morning, Marc Whitten, GM of Xbox Live will be delivering the keynote at 9am and on Wednesday afternoon, Steven Woodward from Microsoft and Mike Moser from Vertigo will be delivering a special session on real-world Smooth Streaming using a very recent and timely event as an example.
The exhibition runs Tuesday evening through Thursday afternoon and we'll have a special 20 minute presentation of Smooth Streaming on the show floor on Thursday at 1pm.
If you want to attend the conference or exhibition and don't yet have a pass, you can register at a discounted rate by going to and using the VIPMSFT as the promo code.