Tour of the RED Digital Cinema NAB Booth

RED continues to cause a sensation with their droolworthy cameras. The 4k resolution RED ONE is joined by two new cameras: the 5k RED EPIC and the 3k RED Scarlet. The buzz for most of us is all about the Scarlet: "pocket sized" with a 3k resolution and selling for $3k (everything subject to change). So join me below for a 40 second tour around the RED booth and try not to dribble all over the screen.

The metal brick is the RED RAY, basically a RED ONE without a lens, and enables REDCODE RAW footage to be transferred to optical media.

The excitement about RED is two-fold:

1. They're a digital cinema start-up in a market dominated by the big boys (Panavision, ARRI, etc.)

2. They're promising (and offering) startling quality at indie-attainable price points.