Looking back at MEDC 2007

This year's MEDC was a blast!  When it ended, it seemed as if we had just started.  I cannot believe how busy I was for the three days of the conference.  I had intended to post to this site at least once per day and only had an opportunity on the first day, after my first session.

Highlights (in no particular order)

  • The formal debut of .NET Compact Framework v3.5 with Windows Communication Foundation, Language Integrated Query and the CLR Profiler (among other, smaller features)
  • .NET Compact Framework being featured prominently in the Keynote
  • Finally getting to share details about Store and Forward Messaging
  • Presenting to my largest audience to date (more than 400 attendees) while introducing .NET Compact Framework v3.5
  • Delivering my best session ever and talking about my experiences testing software at Microsoft and sharing tips and techniques that I have learned and developed during my career
  • Meeting and getting to talk to so many attendees
  • Seeing many friends again
  • Geeking out in Las Vegas for the third year in a row

Stay tuned to this site as I post on much of what I presented this year and more.  Hope to have the opportunity to see you all again at next year's MEDC.

Take care,
-- DK