Moving on...

If any of you read Gamerscoreblog, you may have noticed a suspicious resemblance between the photo of the zombie and the one that graces this site's News section...  Let me quell any rumors by saying that it is indeed true that the zombie and I are, in fact, one and the same. 

Earlier this year, I decided to leave the .NET Compact Framework team and to join the good folks in Windows Gaming.

I truly enjoyed my 7.5 years as a member of the .NET Compact Framework team.  I have been very fortunate to have gotten to work with a fantastic group of people on an extremely cool and important product.  From when I joined them in late 2000 (early in the v1 product), to the release of version 3.5, I have grown and learned quite a bit.

If someone had told me back in August 2000, that I would become an avid writer on a weblog and a presenter at developers conferences, I would have told them they were crazy.  In fact, I not only became those two things, I LOVED doing them.  Not only were they avenues for personal and professional growth, they lead me to meeting many many great people who came out to MEDC, Mix and other smaller (Redmond based) conferences.  Thanks to all who attended these conferences, met with me and read my writings.

Lately, you may have noticed that the flow of content here has been slower than usual.  Switching jobs can be a bit time consuming :).  This site's topic will move from the .NET Compact Framework to a general testing and development focus.  I expect to maintain this slower traffic pace for some time.  Over time, I will likely migrate the .NET Compact Framework topics into a smaller set of categories to make room for the new content.

Thanks again to everyone for the great time with the .NET Compact Framework and I hope to get to one day see some of you again at future conferences (ex: GDC, CES) or in and around Redmond.

Take care!
-- DK