Windows Live Search v2 for Windows Mobile

I was just reading through my backlog of weblog subscriptions and happened upon Loke Uei's post about the release of Windows Live Search v2 for Windows Mobile.

If you were at MEDC 2007, you may have seen me show Windows Live Search v1 on my Windows Mobile device (sorry for the poor projection during the demo, it was my first time using that particular projector).  When I was preparing for the demo, I was impressed with the application.  I loved being able to search for the convention center, see a street map and then an aerial view of the Las Vegas Strip.  Even cooler was being able to monitor traffic conditions in Seattle, San Francisco and many other cities.

After using it for awhile, I found myself thinking "wouldn't it be cool if..."

Version 2 adds many of my wish list features, especially getting movie showtimes (a very handy feature for those evenings when you are on the road an want to catch a film).

Best part.... it's free!  Get it here.

-- DK

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