Announcing the Daily Developer Movement!

Following from my meme (Franky skooled me today on such things) about TechEd (and conferences in general), I have decided to refocus myself in the following year.

How? Why?

Well, the why has become very clear to me. I’m going to refactor myself as the Microsoft Daily Developer Evangelist! I’m going to focus all my time on listening to the daily developer, and working my buttuci off to help them solve their problems and get them from where they are to where they want to be. Who is the daily developer to me? The daily developer is the person who is focused on three things in the following order:

  • Lifestyle
  • Their job
  • Technology

Why this order? Well, lifestyle drives everything. The most important thing to me is that I can do my job well and enjoy it, so that I can enjoy my lifestyle, rather than taking the problems and challenges and issues of work home with me at the end of the day.

My job is second, and I want to be the best in what I do for a job. I want to be productive, I want to be creative, and I want to be effective. I want the tools, techniques, practices and disciplines needed to be at the top of my game.

And finally, I want it to all involve technology. But the technology is the material, not the skill. I want to learn endearing abilities when I commit my time. Yes! It needs to be framed by technology, but ultimately, I want something more residual and valuable than an API map or bit bomb.

The how? Well this is where I’m going to need all the Daily Devs out there to help me shape it. To get started we need a space to collaborate within. It needs to be a sounding board, a place where Daily Devs can submit what I’m calling my Request for Resolutions! These RoR’s will sit in a weekly list, where other Daily Devs can give their rank to the importance of an RoR, or submit additions and changes, that will shape a few weekly RoR’s into a body of work for me, the Daily Devs servant. I will then go off and scour the streets, pound the pavement, come up with some answers, and deliver this back to the Daily Devs in the form of a webcast. It will be tailored content based on the needs of the common Daily Dev. And for the meaty issues, I’ll go to each corner of the globe, consult the oracles and gurus, collect their wisdom, then hit the road each month for a regular Daily Dev seminar. Wherever I’m invited, I will go!

I’m pretty excited about this, as one of the things I’ve missed since joining Microsoft is the gap that has developed between me and my fellow Daily Devs, so I can’t wait to become part of the fray again!

So, the first call to action, how should we set this up? What is the best way to get the RoR’s happening? Wiki? TechTalkBlogs style blog? And as I’m not one for rat holing, as soon as I get a common theme of response, that’s the way we’ll go ;)

Looking forward to seeing where this Daily Developer Movement goes! (Hopefully not right off the nearest cliff like so many poor little lemmings :()

So spread the word! Daily Devs, unite!