Another Opening in Franky's Team...Mine!

Ahh yes, it's with mixed feelings (notice how people always put that in emails when someone is leaving??) that I announce my departure from the role of .NET Developer Evangelist.

I still remember when I started...

And my first blog post on MSDN Blogs...

My first Flash editorial...

And the stats aren't bad...

Days in job: 671

Number of Blog Posts: 415

Number of Comments: 561

Number of Trackbacks: 195

Traveled: Many times around Oz, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, U.S

Number of TechEd's: 2 (Gold Coast, 2005) (Sydney, 2006)

So the obvious question remains...where am I going???

NO WHERE!! Buahahahha...(perhaps I'm the only person who found this setup devilishly witty!?) I'm actually just moving to a new role, still within Franky's team, still as a Developer Evangelist (notice I said above, .NET DE), but focusing more on working with ISV's around our Dynamics platform.

So while I'm not really going anywhere, I kind of am... (cue Highway to Heaven music) ;)