Breaker Breaker...this is Party Pooper!

Yil brought home a Family Guy special episode the other night, and I couldn't but help watch my favorite Stewie sections for like the 50th time tonight, and I picked up on this funny scene when Stewie and Brian are about to take Quagmires Winnebago to San Francisco. In the scene, Stewie dons a truckers hat and says into the CB radio:

"Breaker Breaker, Sidewinder, this is Party Pooper, don't mean to be a ratchet jaw, but looks like we have a seat cover feeding the bears in the chicken coup, cmon!"

Now, I knew he was talking CB Slang, because I've heard the term bear used in reference to the police, but I couldn't find anything on the web that described the rest, until I discovered this article (an excerpt from Woody's World of CB) and used it as my Rosetta stone. From it I was able to work out that:

Break(er) = Announce someones presence
Sidewinder = Someone talking on sideband
Ratchet Jaw = Non-stop talker
Seat Cover = Attractive female occupant in a car
Bear = Police Officer
Chicken Coup = Weigh Station

Now, putting it together worked out to be:

"Breaker Breaker, on the sideband, this is Party Pooper, don't mean to keep talking, but looks like we have a good looking female feeding the police at the weigh station!"

Didn't sound quite right, so I dug up this article from Gus Sheridan's Cave, and it completed the picture:

Feeding the bears = Receiving a ticket

Ahh, makes sense now. Classic Family Guy, classic Stewie. I think it's time for a sexy party!