Catching Daz's Project Distributor

Some time ago, I dispensed with the PowerPoint decks, and went for the truly invigorating experience of "live" demos. I personally prefer live demos because the audience gets a feel for how the solution is created, and more importantly, feel confident that they can reproduce a similar solution in a similar time frame.

The other thing I like to do at the end of my presentations is to let the audience take the final solution away with them. This seemed like a good idea at the time, however, it's hard to distribute projects and source code at the venue, and sites such as GotDotNet, Sourceforge and FreshMeat are project oriented (including licensing, etc), which makes them to arduous if all you want to do is upload some sample code for people to download.

So when I checked out Project Distributor, I was not only blown away by its vision and implementation; I was also wrapped to find out it was (and still is I imagine) developed by Dazzling Darren Neimke. I like Daz alot (so does the MSDN team, cos' they gave him an award for PD too); mainly because he is an awesome developer, but also because he enjoys freaky fruit juices just as much as I do.

I've set up a Group on PD to distribute all my crunk code, just waiting on the "administrator" to set it up for me; so for all those wonderfully patient people who are STILL waiting for me to make the Active Directory Web Service code and the InfoPath/BizTalk sample available, hang in there, it's almost available.