Continuous Integration Demo Code [Repost from\

Buck is a SDE on Team Foundation Server, and always has awesome stuff on his blog, for those that haven’t, sub his RSS.

This is a post he had on Doug Neumann’s PDC Talk, and is the demo code for how to hook into the check-in event in SCC and kick-off a build process. I love this, this is what integrated innovation is all about!

Also, Clarry decided to body slam Michael Kleef’s little C9 guy while visiting in Perth, it wasn’t pretty when both of them bounced off the shelf (they’re actually made off foam!) and hit me in the head! The both then bumped into my fist!

** News Flash **

The picture to the right is of Michael Kleef’s bookshelf; he pointed out he couldn’t believe I took a picture of his “1001 ways to be Romantic” book…ha ha!