Convergence 2007! Anyone Going From Oz!?

As I'm new to the Dynamics space, I thought, you know what I need (it's a rhetorical question! Don't leave comments with suggestions on how to beautify my eyebrows any more!), a humdinger of a conference to attend! So I poked around and found this!

It's Convergence, and judging from the two gentlemen in the picture, it looks like it's all about getting the job done without all the hoopla of buttoning up your shirt (gentleman on the left), but also relaxing at the end of the day with a nice iced VoVo and a warm cup of Horlicks (gentleman on the right)!

But being the delicate petal that I am, I thought I better make sure I join an existing posse of Aussie Dynamics travelers, just in case they try to sock search me at LAX! 

So how say you! Who from Oz is going to Convergence 2007 this year from Australia? Only contact me if you don't mind me hanging off you like a small child!