Daily Developers...Coming Soon!

Franky let the cat out of the bag a little too early, so I thought I better clarify the current position of DailyDevelopers.com!

Essentially, I have the current Wiki (SharePoint 2007) hosted on our internal Microsoft infrastructure, just as a staging site to get the content workflow and site aesthetic right.

Now, the idea is that the wiki will have two user roles, one will be the public role where anyone can read all content, and the other will be contributor, where you won't need to register or anything like that, just provide some basic info (name, email) so that we can credit the authors with their work, and your submissions will go to a review person to check for general language and appropriateness (SharePoint has awesome workflow capabilities).

So to answer a few questions:

1. Where do I register? You won't. There will be a link where you can submit a new page, and upon basic approval, it will be published.

2. When will it be ready to rock!? Very soon. Staging for workflow and aesthetic will be complete in a few weeks, then we migrate the site to a production environment.

3. Who can contribute!? Anyone! All you have to do is provide your name and email, and that's it! As long as your submission is not offensive, and is relevant to the daily developer, it goes up, no editing, no interference, from your mouth to the angels ears!

Also, the MOSSIG team (this is a pic of two of the MOSSIG leads, Tim and Ben, with the XBox cheerleaders...definitely one for the family albums!!!) have kindly offered their time to maintaining the guts of the Wiki, but this is an open community project, so if you want to get involved, drop me a line at davidlem [at] microsoft [dot] com and I'll get you cut in!

This is already generating heaps of interest, so please don't be stingy, everyone has so much to offer, so let your fellow daily developers be the judge of whether what you have to say is valuable or not.