Demo of Visual Studio 2005 Team System Beta 2

If you're:

A) Based in Melbourne, Australia

B) Interested in VSTS 2005 B2

C) Are free on the 8th of June @ 12pm

D) All of the above

Then please join me for a lap around the latest Beta 2 of VSTS 2005. I'll be taking everyone through a sample scenario that touches on the integration with Microsoft Project 2003, key elements of VSTS including Design for Operations, Work Item Tracking, Static Analysis, Source Code Control, Unit Testing, Automated Builds and Reporting.

Also I will have a stash of VSTS 2005 Beta 2 DVD's to give away, and one full copy of Visual Studio 2003 Enterprise Architect to raffle off at the end of the session, so make sure you get along!

Here is the link to the registration... go there.... go there now!!!