Don't be fooled by the blocks that I got!

I cannot carry the burden of technical fear and ineptitude any longer!!! I have never used the Enterprise Library or application blocks in any way shape or form! As I sit here blubbering away in my bathrobe and slippers, recalling all those presentations and coffee shop catch-ups where I have espoused the values of the EL to developers, I realise I must make restitution.

So as part of my InfoPath/Enterprise Library demo, I have been knee deep in the EL, and it wasn't as scary as I thought. Firstly, the install is dead easy, and even has an option to compile the blocks straight to assemblies for you. Next, there are these awesome step-by-step hands-on labs that have been prepared in both VB.NET and CSharp. And finally, there is an Enterprise Library configuration tool that helps you configure your application config files with the ease of one of those all-purpose vegetable slicers. Now, just as you thought that I couldn't include anymore hyphenated words, I have included some hyper-links (granted traditionally there is not hyphen in hyperlink, but who really knows...) to the Enterprise Library 1.0 download and to a blog entry by Scott Densmore on the road map for the EL.

EL 2.0 Roadmap

Enterprise Library 1.0 Download

Enterprise Library 1.0 Hands-on Labs

Enjoy :)