I'm Going To Be In Oz!

I'm heading back to Australia for some R&R, and work, and will be on the clock from the 16th of Feb, 2009 to the 25th of Feb, 2009.

So, if you have:

  • A Usergroup Meeting
  • A Developer Event
  • A Catch-up
  • A Scheduled Dunny Break
  • A Probate Hearing

Let me know! I'd love to tag along and tell tall tales from the inside of the Windows Azure Engineering team. ;)

As I'll be based in the Melbourne office, any Melbourne based trips will be easier. Any outside of Melbourne events may require me to pass the hat around (or go into that box under Nigel's desk, but he get's quite feisty when he can't travel 1st Class to Barbados each year for his "off-site") so please consider.

See you's soon!

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