Mo'nday... It's Getting Thicker!

So, second Mo'nday for Mo'vember, and I'm looking quite the 'tashman!


Now, one of the funnier incidents this week was at my local supermarket. I've been working away in the back garden for the past few weeks, and have been getting around the 'hood looking quite the handyman.

So I walk into the supermarket to get some fly spray, and as I'm standing in line at the checkout, a similar, swarthy handyman-looking gentlemen stands next to me. He has a great 'tash, kind of Ivan Milat meets Merv Hughes!

Anyway, he turns to me and says "G'day".

I respond with a "G'day" in the deepest, manly moustache voice I could, then realised, he was looking at me in a very familiar way.

He then asked "How I'd been?"...

That's when it occurred to me, he thought I was someone else. So I say, "Um, I think you must have me mistaken with some one else..."

He takes a good look, kind of squinting, then laughs...

"Sorry mate, I thought you were an old friend I used to work with at Telecom"...

Telecom!? Fark! Telecom hasn't been around for yonks, and given this guys vintage, I reckon he was reflecting back to at least the 70's. So asked him what they did together...

"We used to climb up the telephone poles and install the main boxes..."

I smiled... I could picture myself in short sandy colored King Gee shorts, complete with big hair and thick mo', Winnie blue in mouth, getting around 1970's Melbourne climbing up telephone poles.

So, as I travel this brown land meeting other 'tashoneers, make sure you sponsor my efforts!

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