More programming awe from the Man Child developer!

Because I’ve been knee deep in Team System for the past five months, I haven’t really had the chance to get stuck into the “programming” experience of Visual Studio 2005. Now, as usual, I have to clearly annunciate my disclaimer! “I AM A SIMPLE MAN!”

So over the past few days, I’ve been busy programming away in VS2005 and the InfoPath 2003 .NET toolkit, and I’ve noticed some really cool things that I thought I should share. Again, please quell thy flamethrowing apparatus, I am not intending this to be the differentiating information between the success or failure of the next shuttle launch..Ya?

OK, so, my first entry is on the “Generate Method Stub” function in the code editor. If you’re like me, you code top down, so I always write the method name, then elaborate it. This little function generates a stub for you, which I think is toffee! Btw, I won’t post more than one AH HA at a time, cos’ my Mum is complaining my posts are getting too long (she still thinks I’m the best programmer in the world though!!! THE WORLD!!).

So, this is the first piccie, which is the pop-up when you right-click over a non-implemented method:

And this is what gets produced: