New Masheen!

So my new masheen arrived yesterday, and I'm already setup and rockin'.

Just a couple of things I wanted to mention though, firstly, it's a HP/Compaq nc8430 and while it came with 2 1GB sticks of RAM (memory), it can be upgraded to 4GB.

Problem numero A, the standard memory expansion bay under the notebook only has one slot... so, where is the other? Under the keyboard! How do you get to it? Well, the answer is in this doco, which isn't very easy to stumble upon, hence why I've linked to it :)

HP nc8430 Maintenance and Service Guide (4500.1KB, PDF)

Also, while I was flashing the BIOS, I had to take a quick pic of the screen... not exactly the image I would use to convey peace of mind during a fairly concerning process, but eh, why not :)

Ahh, nice to have a new masheen :)