Ohhh Sweet! Guitar Hero II for XBox 360!

Karl shot me this juicy bit of info, and I'm already warming up my guns for this little puppy!

Guitar Hero II is going to be released for the XBox 360, and what's more, it's going to come with this X-Plorer Guitar Controller (below).

I played Guitar Hero on the PS2 while I was in the U.S, and it was so addictive. The game play is very scaleable (the transition from novice through the different levels is very smooth), has great integration with the controller (no lag or stutter), and has some easy to follow songs off the bat.

What interests me most about the GH2 version is two huge aspects:

1. You can download new tunes from XBox Live. This is one of my pet peeves with SingStar on PS2, I can't get new songs as they come out!

2. You can mash against a friend! This is going to be the coolest! What is going to be interesting is the level of co-op. See, I've always insisted that I would like to take my SingStar'ness and Guitar Hero'ness out into the domain, and make up my own band, then compete in some kind of virtual, online Idol contest! That would rock! I could even just have my own Meego as a representation of myself!

Anyhoo, looking forward to this coming out.