Pedals and Pizza! The devils goad!

I’ve been a bit allusive these past few days, and although I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been busy, the truth is far more sad…

The weekend just passed saw me get myself into some mischief, that resulted in a sore knee…and a sore stomach.

The knee is easy to describe, I tried to take my trials bike up a ledge, and slammed the Crank Bros 50/50 pedal into my knee, and tore a 3cm gash through my knee.

So that was how the sore knee came about…now onto the stomach.

There is this pizza store up the road called Vatican Pizza, and they make one of the best pizzas in the world, called the Granada, I like the Granada. So on Sunday night, I ordered a large Granada, and Yil ordered a large Mexicana (she wanted a small, but I convinced her that the 2 large deal was too good a deal to pass up).

I ate 8 slices of mine, 4 slices of Yils, and drank two glasses of coke! I was content, until I awoke the next morning with a really bad pain in my stomach. Now, most people may have linked the dirty metal pedal carving a channel through their flesh as the reason for the stomach ache, I on the other hand, have had experience in this area, and knew immediately that, it was the 12 slices of large pizza I had force fed myself the night before, that was causing my discomfort. How did I know?

Rewind two years ago when I was living in Canberra, and a mate of mine (who will remain anonymous for certain reasons) was enjoying a night with some friends, and got caught in a rotation. He developed such an appetite after being caught so many times, that he headed off with another friend (who also will remain nameless) to visit the Colonel, and went home with a family meal each (I think it was 24 pieces of chicken, 4 large chips, 2 bottles of Pepsi and a lemon meringue pie). Now, aforementioned friend numero b had the good sense to stop somewhere between the 14th thigh and the 2nd large chips, my first friend on the other hand didn’t, and awoke the next day with one hell of a stomach ache. So after a couple of days of searing abdominal pain, he trotted off to his doctor, and was informed that he had actually stretched his stomach, from over feeding, and that it would take some time for his stomach to regain it’s original size. The doctor used the analogy of a sports star who runs too hard and stretches a hamstring, but for my friend (and to a lesser degree me), our athletic prowess resulted in a pulled stomach!

So a warning to those planning on riding up a wall and eating 1 1/2 large pizzas this weekend, make sure you wear knee pads, and have lots of bread and water for breakfast (stretches your stomach in preparation for a big feed, that was the doctors recommendation by the way!).