SharePoint RSS! I have an idee!

Rob and I were just having a chat about the Community Launch Site which is developed as a SharePoint Team Site, and he wanted it to be RSS enabled. I then had an idea:

What if you:

1. Edited those layout XML files to include in List and Document Library pages, an extra link called Subscribe Through RSS

2. That button simply auto generates an address based on a HTTPHandler, which says, http://sharepointserver/excludedRssHandlerPath/listOrLibraryId/rss.asmx

Now, if the excludedRssHandlerPath is excluded from the SharePoint path list in admin settings, then you could create a simple HttpHandler that is listening for any rss.asmx requests, takes out the listOrLibraryId value from the request URL, then generates an RSS version of the list data, and writes it to the output response stream. BAM! You’ve got Rss for all your SharePoint Lists and Libraries!

Now, I just need to find someone to write this for me!