Visual Studio, SQL Server and BizTalk Launch fun and games!

I’m on point this year for community, and as such, I’ve been asked to help work with the Ready Tour 2005 Team for the upcoming VS, SQL Server and BizTalk launch. Now, the initial idea for community participation was some demos, presentations, training etc..

I said, “HELL NO!”

So Sarah Bond (Sarah, where’s the pithy posts?) and I have setup a blog at:

This is where we will be working with the community on YOUR launch experience.

Now, my idea for launch around community is:

  • Party
  • Karaoke
  • Competitions
  • Shetland Pony Racing

What kind of competitions I hear you gasp!?

Well, my idea was a Launch Limerick competition! The best limerick wins a pair of Hudson shoes (or something like that!).

Franky’s idea was a Launch Haiku competition! I love that one two. So I think we’ll have both!

As for the winners, Franky wanted everyone to win (he reminds me of one of my old coaches who used to say “You never lose a game, no matter what the score is!”, yeah right!), but I said to the winner goes the spoils! (Frank had hung up by then).

So make sure you get along to the blog, post your comments and ideas, or email me! Make this launch YOUR launch!

P.S: How do you judge a Haiku?

P.P.S: As with all good things, there is a generator!