Want to play in my Dev'garten ya?

What's the Dev'garten? It's the latest high-spec hardware from my favourite friends at Intel (do I sound like John Laws yet...you know what I mean). It's two Dell Precision 380's running the latest Intel dual-core procs, two dual-core notebooks (coming soon) and two wild dual-core x64 PowerEdge 2800 servers!!!

Why have I received all this hardtech wunderment!? Because Microsoft and Intel want developers to get their hands on the latest and greatest hardware and tools! So we're in the process of setting up the Dev'garten firstly in Melbourne, but with plans (depending on its success) to launch one in every city.

Why do you care? Because if you have a great opportunity where you work to migrate off the old stuff (Windows Server 2003 32–bit, SQL Server 2000, BizTalk Server 2004, VS 2003 and .NET 1.x) and onto the new shiny stuff (Windows Server x64, SQL Server 2005, BizTalk 2006, VS 2005 and .NET 2.0), then you can book some time in the Dev'garten for a quick PoC or migration lab.

How do I book you say!? Well, I'll be releasing that information soon enough. This is just my teaser. But for those who want to convince their organisation that the new 64bit stuff is the beez neez, and want to work with us to do it, then this is your space to play! Oh, and play I intend to ;)

So watch this space, it’s going to get juicy!