What is it about Haiku?

OK, so when I first sat down to pen my OOF a couple of weeks ago, something just grabbed me, and out flowed (from my pen that is) Haiku.

Now, it seems I cannot communicate in anything but Haiku!

So let’s try and follow the trail...

My original post

August almost upon us
Email response slow
Dave preparing for TechEd

Franky picked up on it

So I decided to write him one...

Winter joins the wide eyed man
I prepare to learn
Email slows like Katsura silt

Then Franky went Haiku nutz!

as did ...

Nigel Watson

Thanks for your message,
TechEd stuff slows response by
electronic means.


Geoff Appleby

The face of TechEd
Funny posters down the halls
Big loud yellow shirt

It then found its way into Microsoft Australia’s Internal Newsletter, ANZ Intercom, and I also penned one for the MSDN Flash...


Minds clear like Saki they come
To be with their kin
In the hearthstone of learning

And finally, on Berno’s blog, a special one I wrote for him upon his return from Imagine Cup...

The newest old one
Inbound from battle of dreams
Timely return home

So, make sure you drop me a note or link with your TechEd Haiku! It’s easy, and surprisingly therapeutic and fun. How do you Haiku? Think of a topic, make sure you go with a syllable pattern, I use 7-5-7 or 5-7-5, and be as descriptive as you can.

Also, as Rob only ever links to posts I do on Team System, I thought I’d give the TFS team a Haiku too!

The foundation protects code
Progress for all eyes
Many hands ship teams hard work

See you at TechEd, where if approached, I will create you a personal Haiku on the spot! Howzat!