What would Visual Studio Team System Blogging look like?

Back in the day, when I used to code for a living, I used to crave integrated communication tools for developers. When you've got your head down and your tail up, furiously coding away at a specification, you don't have time to fill in discussion forums, etc on the companies internal team site. And lets not even go near the whole "comment your code" business.

So I had an idea the other day, what if there was a tool that lived inside Visual Studio 2005; where as you were coding away, you could highlight a piece of code, right click on the code window, and select "Blog This!".

You would then be presented with a dialog box that allowed you to enter a quick post, including any hyperlinks to external web references (in case the inspiration for your latest change came from the world wide web). The add-in would then update a project centric Team Blog (it would appear in the Team Explorer with the Work Item/Documents/Builds folders) with your post, including a reference to the location of the code, and your highlighted code snippet. And what's more, when you check-in the pending changes into SCC, it would update the blog with the change-set reference too.

Hmm, I think this is a good place to start the ideation process...any thoughts my friends??