What's Mudhounding?

Geoffa has been doing it on TTB, at some point we all do it, but essentially the rules of Mudhounding are simple and easy to follow (not a complete list, just my $0.02 worth):

  1. Make sure you don’t give up the chop. It’s Mudhounding, not reporting. Give enough to whet peoples appetites, not the whole buffet.
  2. Respect your sources. If they ask for anonymity, honour it, otherwise you’re going to be weeing in your well.
  3. Be creative. Embellish where appropriate. If someone tells you there might be some cool gizmos at TechEd this year, Mudhound it!! Blog about it as if you know exactly what it could be, and that you may have seen it, but can’t confirm or deny!
  4. Above all else, make it fun, with a capital PH!

So go forth people, get your Mudhounding on! Just like Geoffa!