Yil Interviewed the Beastie Boys!

I had to blog this, even though it hasn't anything to do with Microsoft or technology (well, that really hasn't been a stopper for me before), but on the weekend, my wife Yil, who is probably the biggest Beastie Boys fan on earth, got to interview them at the Good Vibrations Festival after winning a contest on Nova!! 

Left to right: Adrock, Yil, Mike-D, MCA, Nella

What was cool about the whole thing was she and her friend Nella got to hang out with them in their change room, just shooting the breeze, eating their food, getting stuff signed, and just generally chillin'!

The photo above is my favorite basically because she got the Beastie Boys to pose with an ironing board and steamer!! Look at MCA, he's got the "May I help you sir!?" touch on that steamer! Pure gold!