2011 Cloud Predictions–The best of

As it customary this time of year there are many predictions for the coming year.

Here are a few I have been sent and read I thought worth re-sharing:

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2011 Cloud Computing Predictions For CIO’s And Business Technology Leaders

I've often been asked, how do I get started. This article concurs with some of my three pronged advice”:

  • Get serious about security
  • Shift all new custom app development to the cloud
  • Think about a strategy for cloud cloud using existing applications
  • Think about your data strategy in terms of isolation, durability and access. Keep it separate but align it to scale and user experience

2011 and beyond

A great short video and 100 ideas:

Cloud Computing: 11 Expert Predictions for Cloud IT in 2011

    • “Organising data and optimising data migrations”
    • Cloud security will take a leap forward

*** Best wishes for 2011 to you! ***

For me 2011 work will be about:

    • Testing out morning theory – do I really work better in the morning or the evening?
    • Training first
    • Use the Gaping Void maxim “Sell less, do more”
    • MBA – get those 3 subjects out the way
    • Azure Community and network
    • Implementing the Azure Data Market in Australia

Its been a great year to work at Microsoft and to work with great people here. 2011 looks to continue this trend: