A tool for visualising disk space usage, and a tool to query data sources (including Windows Azure Storage)

Last week I was migrating to my new work laptop - HP 2740p tablet  which has a very powerful CPU, but feels like the chassis only ran through the first half of the design process.

During this move I used Windows Easy Transfer to copy files back and forth (and for backup). When I started to work on my machine the disk appeared full despite when using properties of the drive I found 60Gb free and no irregularities using Disk Management.  So to help me with this I run the error checking tool (from the Tools tab in properties).

In the meantime I saw Disk Space Fan  from a list of data space analyser tools that visualise disk space usage. Love it.


Whilst working with Readify on some Azure prototypes last week I was also shown LinqPad – a funky lightweight tool for using and querying with Linq


Best of all you can use LinqPad with Windows Azure.   A side note: Open SQLExpress locally to see how your development store is constructed.