#Azure Action – Weekly Newsletter – 10th December 2010

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NICTA, ANU and CSIRO partner with Microsoft – Windows Azure

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(nice summary of findings so far – seems to be a super set of previous article/thoughts)

(thought provoking role types and behaviours)





This week some Q&A on Windows Azure Connect

Q: Is setting up Azure connect difficult?

A: No. Its as simple as updating your role, adding an agent on premise and updating the portal


Q: How do I domain join my role to Active Directory?

A: Follow the same simple setup instructions and add configure your network policy


Q: How is Azure connect charged?

A: The pricing model hasn’t been decided. Windows Azure Connect - No charge during CTP

Q: How is Azure Connect transport secured?

A: Windows Azure Connect uses HTTPS, which uses port 443. IPv6 firewall rules need to be enabled

Q: I want it. How do I sign up?

A: You can register for the CTP here.

Q: I need to play with it to understand it. Where do I go to?

A: You can use the Hands on Labs “Connecting Apps with Windows Azure Connect”

Q: I have more questions. Where can I go?

A: Ask the local Windows Azure Australian team. In addition its worth checking the forums

Q: Can Azure Connect add SQL Azure on to on premise network.

A: No. It is more likely Azure Connect would be used to connect to an on premise SQL Server.