#Azure Action – Weekly Newsletter – 13th May 2011

clip_image00132222222 Local Overview :

JASCO launches 2SQLAzure - Migrating Access to SQL & SQL Azure

Plastic Wax, a Sydney-based animation studio and post–visual effects , uses Windows HPC and Azure — to help process high quality graphics

Microsoft cloud makes early gains in India


clip_image001422222222 Readiness & Resources:
Windows Azure: Federated SAML Authentication with SharePoint 2010 and Azure Access Control Service Part 2 Windows Phone 7 Quickstarts for Windows Azure
SQL Azure: What's New in SQL Azure (SQL Azure Database) A Microsoft Cloud BI Example

Video of New South Wales Education Dept. Hosts Online Testing in the Cloud with Windows Azure

Case Study:

Orion Energy Systems Sees the Light, Moves Data to Windows Azure

Tools: SOASTA Azure Performance Certification SQL Azure Diagnostics Tool Mount VHD from Azure Storage In Azure VM


clip_image0011022222222 Guidance:
Walkthrough: Getting Started with the Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS
Architecture: Role architecture - how does it all work? Anyone convinced a security team to go for Azure AppFabric Service Bus?


clip_image001622222222 In the news:
General: 10 Reasons Why Architects and Developers Should Care about Cloud Computing Cyber security plan proposed by White House
Microsoft: Microsoft claims Windows Azure appliances exist Philadelphia Toyota RAV4 drivers expect to see cloud computing in 2012
Windows Azure: Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS released CA Offer Cloud-Based Backup And Recovery New Azure Connect Features


clip_image0011222222222 Events:

Tim Buntel to Present to Australian Computer Society - 23rd June Sydney: Introducing Jasco 2SQL - Data migration faster and easier (Brisbane/Adelaide/Melbourne)

Global: 53 Cloud Computing and Online Services Sessions at TechEd North America 2011
Webinar: MSDN Webcast May 24, 2011: Leveraging DataMarket to Create Cloud-Powered Digital Dashboards How Microsoft is changing the game New Online Event Series, “Cloud Power: Create the Next BIG App”, Teaches How to Harness The Cloud with Windows Azure


clip_image001822222222 Community:
Like Azure? Mailing list for OzAzure


clip_image00132222222 Questions:
Q: How do I burst from HPC on premise to Windows Azure?

Here are a few helpful resources:

Q: How do I get started with the Windows Azure VM Role?
The Windows Azure Virtual Machine (VM) Role allows you to run a customised instance of Windows Server 2008 R2 in Windows Azure, making it easier to move applications to the cloud. Read the MSDN article Take Your Virtual Machines to the Cloud for more information. Also of note is the overview of the Windows Azure VM role and some guidance to help you create and deploy the VM service model in your business.