#Azure Action – Weekly Newsletter – 17th December 2010

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  • ActiveReports - Silverlight Report Viewer Beta Preview for .NET developers which includes enhanced support for Windows Azure reporting
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Enterprise customer Hands On training – February – watch this space!


January/February community web cast boot camps


Lost in the cloud?

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This week some Q&A on the Windows Azure Content Delivery Network

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Q: Is a CDN new?

A: No a Content Delivery Network is a common solution to the problem of a all clients accessing the same central server, so as to avoid bottlenecks near that server.

Q: What's coming in future of the Windows Azure CDN

A: See what's new

Q: Is CDN used internally at Microsoft

The Microsoft CDN network, now used by Windows Azure, has been around internally for many years and has been increasingly scaled for major business units

Q: How do I setup a Windows Azure CDN

Go to the Windows Azure portal and on the left navigation panel select Hosted Services, Storage Account & CDN. Select Storage Accounts and then Enable CDN




Q: What are the newest of the edge access points?

A: Moscow, Middle East, Korea, Taiwan

Q: Is there a way of having storage only in one Edge location? (.e.g. Sydney)

A: Not presently. Geo-fencing the ability to serve content only to specific countries is not currently available.

Q: Can I provide Smooth Streaming Video through the Windows Azure CDN?

Adaptive Streaming (usually HTTP Smooth streaming) can be achieved by publishing various encoded video/audio content, chopped into chunks, to Windows Azure Storage and from there onto the Windows Azure CDN. Whilst this approach is more cumbersome than using on-premise IIS the Windows Azure team is committed to running full IIS Media Services within Windows Azure web roles in the future. If you want to do this yourself you can follow and article on Creating and Publishing a Silverlight Video to Windows Azure. If you are looking for a true Silverlight streaming approach (e.g. Smooth Streaming), you will need to look at one of our CDN partners.

Q: Is the Windows Azure CDN suited for highly computational data?

A: No, the general guideline is that the Windows Azure CDN should be used for less volatile content. Its not ideal for Windows Azure Compute Storage

Q: Is there a case study for the Windows Azure CDN?

A: There are several but a good example is  Bing Maps, which makes extensive use of the Windows Azure CDN. Using the Windows Azure CDN Microsoft IT could boost map performance by 80%!