#Azure Action –Weekly Newsletter - 8th October 2010




“Understand the Hood: Inside the Windows Azure Hosting Environment”

SQL readiness:



clip_image002[6]In the news:

Technology behind games development

The big picture


Windows Azure Platform - Acceleration Discover Event – Nov/Dec

Azure Readify RDN days – October


Are people interested in an Azure User Group? If so please contact me!


clip_image002[19] Guidance

I’m building a resources and tooling guide. Let me know if this is useful I should continue to expand….


I’m discovering Azure I’m planning for Azure I’m learning Azure I’m developing Azure I’m deploying Azure

Windows Azure Whitepapers

Case study

Cloud strategy

Cost Architecting


Pricing – Economics

ROI Calculator

Windows Azure Guidance

Windows Azure Security Guidance

Windows Azure Books

Windows Azure Platform Training Kit

Windows Azure Forums

Building Java Applications

Tips for migrating an ASP.NET App to Azure

Microsoft Platform Ready

Deployment and Upgrading


Pricing – Economics

ROI Calculator

PHP Tools

Windows Azure Tools for VS 2010

Windows Azure Software Development Kit

Tools for Windows Azure Storage

Tools for Eclipse

Scale - multi-tenant highly-scalable line-of-business application

Azure Blob Uploader

Windows Azure MMC

Azure Storage Explorer

Azure Utilities on Codeplex

Billing Alert Tool

Sql Azure Migration Wizard

Log viewer

Azure Application Monitor