Customer Care Framework

I am currently in Singapore doing some training on CCF. I joined Microsoft expecting to do this earlier and but for other engagements would have, so its great now to finally hear more about the framework.

CCF is a unique solution, as far as I am concerned, that addresses productivity of customer interacting staff. Although it has a history of CTI based solutions it can deal with multiple input channels (web, email, IVR, IM etc). At the mid tier the framework uses a whole bunch of rich web services but it is the front end integration that is the key.

Lawrence Crumpton often illustrates that CCF is the Venn diagram intersection of three sets:

  • Deployment & Business Management
  • Application Development
  • Process, systems and people

Ie. it doesn't address these areas - it works in the intersection of these areas. It enables the three sets - it not the solution itself, its more like the frame of a house. It can be used as a framework for new solutions or be applied to existing solutions.

Its a fully flexible framework that leverages key information from the various applications and provides packaged workflow to assist the customer contact center assistant.

Technically it comprises of:

  • Integrated Desktop User Interface
  • Application Integration Interface
  • Single Sign On and Application Authorization
  • Session Management and Agent Desktop Workflow
  • Real time communication for instant coaching and help
  • Administration and configuration UI
  • Audit trail and reporting (such as agent application usage)
  • Application isolation
  • Agent Desktop Deployment and Update

The cool features I like are the agent to agent transfer (with workflow data) and the customizable framed UI. Later in the weeks I will get to develop with the product in various scenarios. Quite encouraged as the product has a considerable future ahead (current version 2.5 and the team is already planning version 5 way down the line).

One of the areas I will be looking at is the smart client technology being used - it self updates and is installed using one touch deployment.