Is Windows 7 the Solution?

In the recent CIO Article Windows XP: The Microsoft OS That Just Won't Die there is a great quote:

"Were this Apple, you wouldn't have the option to use an old OS at all. Granted you probably wouldn't want to, which speaks to the problem here."

Still though, I’m hopeful that the beta build will produce the goods.

Windows 7 Start Logo

In the meantime here is some of the public {enterprise} information I’ve read to date:

Example Business rationale:

    • Branch cache – Because the WAN link is never as fast as you would like
      e.g. using group policy and the SMB process
    • Multicasts to others around. Self advertisement of content found
    • Deployment standards - Conversation moves from slows to slowest communicator in room to Windows 7 hierarchy of speeds of machines
    • AppLocker - prevent users installing apps on your machines (uses digital signatures)