Office 2007 or LiveWriter - Killer Blog apps

I was just about to write a post via the MSDN web site, when I remembered the office 2007 ribbon for blog posting. You can get there by pressing the big office button on the top right and then selecting publishing. This means for you, that I can write entries that are without spelling mistakes. This may make up for the grammar mistakes. Not only does this functionality appear in all Office products I have seen (like OneNote) but it supports multiple blog accounts (Blogger, CommunityServer, Spaces etc). But the nice feature is the ability to open existing posts, organise categories and repost.

An interesting observation is that OneNote provides a link in IE7 which means you could blog an authored web-site page in 2 clicks (concerning for copyrights)...

Since playing with pictures I have become unstuck and after communicating with David Lemphers I have found Windows LiveWriter which is a bit more custom purpose. It has some excellent features such as writing the blog in the style that it was designed and also some nice stuff like displaying IE7 history in scrollable fashion for adding hyperlink.

LiveWriter unfortunately does suffer from the lack of nice word stuff (like SmartArt and squiggly lines), however it does have a raft of plug-ins. I tried to use tags but the addin was rather messy and I discovered on my nth time running that the categories are in the top left hand corner of the interface

I have used the following plug-in: