Photosynth of RFID Day 4

After being inspired by my financial services account manager Chris Allison I thought I would have a go at the recently released PhotoSynth



As I was working out of the bunker RFID room and various attendee rooms I thought I would try a collage of photographs (I am still collating video in the background by the way - watch this space).


After completing the upload and the 19% "synthy" (above) with 19 pictures, which was roughly 3 mins, the output looked something like this:



I managed only to create two picture stitching. Next time I am going to work on a more concerted effort..... Whilst mine was pretty average check out this one of Stonehenge

Thankfully at RFID HQ all the rooms are now sorted, with only a handful of spare antennas left.

TechEd 020

Mick and the DiData guys discuss DNS as the "real" work of the operation is showcased.

TechEd 019 

Tomorrow I'll detail a bit more of what to expect from this "world" first"