Reading Syndication Feeds from within Silverlight 2 beta

I have been preparing for a TechPoint presentation on Silverlight with some nice graphics. I am trying to retrieve some data from an Rss feed and present in a Silverlight User Control.

So I started with the Silverlight Quickstart for Syndication

But I found that I was getting the HttpWebResponse returning "Not found"

From doing some reading I found that using a service has similar constraints/issues

After some guidance from Tim Heuer and Jose Fajardo on cross-domain calls I found that its not possible to directly access a feed unless a crossdomain.xml file is in existance on the target side.


  1. Use a local service to retrieve the feed and give the service the crossdomain.xml file
  2. Use feedburner (which has a crossdomain.xml file) to surrogate the target feed

During this process I came across two good dev tools:

Web development helper (incidentally there is one similar built in ie8)

(screen shot below showing the HTTP trace highlighting 404 on target XML)


and this site for recognizing your IP (useful for mobile device IP recogntion)