things I learned building a Windows Azure Asset Library

Over the past few months I've built up quite a library of Azure Assets. So as part of my learning plan I’m, building out a few sample applications to share these resources and present them using Azure as the underlying data source.


In the next week or two Ill be posting about my learning's from this exercise and, when I'm done, Ill post the URL for Azure Assets.

Here is a list of topics:

1… Binding ObjectDataSource from an ASP.NET Control to Windows Azure Storage

2… How to implement on demand Windows Azure Table Storage Pagination

3… How to organise and understand Windows Table storage and

4… Understanding Windows Azure Configuration and Application domains

5… Converting to OData With Windows Azure Table Storage

6… Implementing a simple ASP.NET Carousel (ok this is nothing to do with Windows Azure but was tricky)

7… Using Web deploy for development updates

8… WCF Data Service queries and filtering