Windows 7 Quick Keys – ZoomIt

Windows Logo+Down
Minimize the current window

Windows Logo+Up
Maximize the current window

Windows Logo+Left
Snap to the left hand side of the screen

Windows Logo+RightSnap to the right hand side of the screen

Windows Logo+Home
Minimize/ restore everything except the current window

Display/ hide the Explorer preview pane

….and the functions similar to the presentation tool ZoomIt

Windows Logo++ (plus key)
Zoom in, where appropriate

Windows Logo+- (minus key)
Zoom OUT, where appropriate

Windows Logo+- (minus key)

Windows Logo+G
Display gadgets in front of other windows

Thanks to Damien Siviero for pointing these out!

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ZoomIt 2.2
This ZoomIt update makes it easier to see the drawing cursor when it’s small relative to the zoomed region by representing it as a cross hair, allows you to position the text cursor when you enter text mode, supports changing the text color for the break timer and while you’re placing the text cursor, and includes a number of other minor improvements.