Windows 7 RC Example Changes

Over and above my previous IO categorisation of Windows 7 features, RC brings some welcome new additions and some hidden gems. An an example/rambling of some of my experiential Window 7 RC changes below.

Boot Time: My boot time is even quicker than the beta. Similar too is the time to login.

Internet Explorer 8: New tabs and in-private from right click on internet explorer icons

User Interface: Some general sensibility on dialogues. Take this one when importing pictures from  camera; there are now snapshots of content


Networking: Home groups are now a little bit more intuitive (and consistent)

Migration & Backup: Backup/Restore/Easy Transfer and Imaging are simply outstanding. I might even reduce my use of SyncToy

Sounds:   Bit softer. Device images – a few more.

Devices: USB/Bluetooth enumeration – Issues in Beta now fixed!


Themes: RC has some nice geographic specific background images (e.g. Sydney Harbour)

Windows Media Center: Faster, music collage and better menu responsiveness and options

In Australia using an EPG was mandatory for Media Center. Now with WIndows 7 Media Center you can use the EIT / broadcast EPG instead for DVB-T. Once it is running for a while (depends on whether a tuner is spare) - the EPG will populate itself with all the EIT data instead!!


Which is great too as it makes better use of my digital now TinyTwin dual USB tuner.

Application Compatibility: Windows 7 XP Mode

Boot Options: Windows 7 has yet another new feature in boot from VHD. Essentially it makes it easier than ever to set up multi-boot scenarios on a single machine.

Jeff Alexander has some great posts on 7 in general. This one on USB booting is very handy

Security: Biometric device integration with platform – very straight forward