Geek Speak: Cool Stuff in spare time? Window Media Encoder SDK

Well, I have a little spare time.  Between moving boxes and my kids soccer, so you know I don’t have that much.  Well I have XM Radio and I just love it.  Well, becuase of where I live and Seattle area, traffic.  The trees get in the way when I am driving.  I am discovered the Windows Media Encoder SDK.  If you have not used this it is very COOL. 

You can get the Windows Media Encoder @
The Encoder allows you to record Audio and Video.

I love to listen, to my XM Radio at work, well, my favorite channel is not on the internet version of XM.  I record a cycle of programs, 8 hours.  I have created a simple static wrapper, that allow for recording in segments or whole chunks.  The API’s allow for the discovery of what devices you can record from.  Since I know when I want to record my programs.  I just hook my XM radio in to the input of my notebook and just record.  This part of the process is using the AT command to schedule the recording.  The second part is a WinForm application, that allows the splitting of large audio files.

Here is the source for my helper that I created. ( Source in Zip File )

Here is the location for the Windows Media Encoder SDK @