Geek Speak: My son and Baseball

Well my son has just finished his baseball season, this is his first year playing.  Well my son started off the season, by getting hit in the mouth the first game and went to the emergency room.  Everyone thought that he would quit playing, but he played every game afterwards.  My son is playing Dixie II, which is machine pitch, 42 MPH.  League City divides the kids into two league, National and American League.  They play a tournament at the end to determine who is the city champs. Well, my son’s team went undefeated in the tournament, to win the League City Championship.  My son ended up with 4 game balls ( game balls are rewards for how they play) and 3 trophies from the season.  The last game was 2 1/2 hrs long and went 7 innings.  In the 4th inning they were behind 8 to 0.  In the 5th inning, the score was 11 to 8, with them in the lead.  They actually batted through their whole lineup in the 5th inning and only had 2 outs. Just to give you an idea, on how they played.