me: the unintended use-case for Accessibility


For me, the keyboard is paramount and the mouse should only used as a last resort.  It is in direct alignment with my contention that the command line is paramount and a GUI should be used only as a last resort.  Perhaps juxtapose to those postulates is the fact that i *love* the NUI.  At any rate, i became interested in Accessibility primarily because keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys/accelerators allow me to keep my distance from the mouse.  In HTML5 investigations i ran across John Foliot who runs the Stanford Online Accessibility Program.  On the SOAP home page i found an analogy that became a metaphor for my own experience with Accessibility. 

"A simple analogy is sidewalk cut-curbs. Initially provided to assist users in wheel-chairs, cut curbs today also benefit people on roller-blades and skate boards, cyclists and mothers with baby strollers; user-groups never originally envisioned when cut-curbs were first mandated. And while retro-fitting older sidewalk intersections was a time consuming and expensive undertaking, today the inclusion of cut-curbs in new sidewalk construction is a matter of course, and adds little to nothing to the overall cost of sidewalk construction or repair."

i'm a user that can, but doesn't want to use the mouse; i'm in a user-group probably never originally envisioned by the good folks that championed and those that continue to fight for Universal Accessibility.