MVVM deep dive

For the next few weeks i'll be doing a "deep dive" into MVVM. Below is an excerpt from a deep dive kickoff e-mail i got from my boss. In coming posts i'll publish summaries/notes of these resources.

Model - View - ViewModel (MVVM)

We're moving forward with a deep dive into the MVVM design pattern for Silverlight. . .for those interested, here are some great resources (in no particular order);

"It was once commonly said that all roads lead to Rome.

Today, all WPF and Silverlight best practices lead to the

Model-View-ViewModel design pattern."

-Josh Smith

John Gossman's blog (one of the originators of the MVVM pattern)


Dan Wahlin's blog

MVVM meets MVC (Nikhil Kathari)




MIX'10 Session by Laurent Bugnion (Blendability), author of the MVVM Light Toolkit / V2 / .and on Channel9

MVVM with Karl Shifflett (from WPF) on The Continuum Show

Implementing MVVM in Silverlight by Tim Heuer

MIX'10 Session by Nikhil Kothari on WCF RIA Services stuff as it works with MVVM.

Silverlight Mini-MVVM Helper Library (CodeProject)


Josh Smith's: Advanced MVVM