translations in Analysis Services cubes

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I had a very informative meeting with my teammate to discuss translations in Analysis Services cubes:

In SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio click File -> Open -> Analysis Services Database...


Enter the name of the name of the Server and the Database:


Double Click on the Cube in the Solution Explorer:


Click on the Translations tab:


You will now see the list of translations of the Caption Object for:

  • the Cube itself
  • Measures
  • Dimensions
  • Perspectives
  • KPIs
  • Actions
  • Named Sets
  • Calculated Members

There are translations for the Attribute Hierarchies and the Hierarchy Levels, but not at the Member level. At the Member level, translations are in the SQL Database itself.


As gregbern points out, "PerformancePoint Monitoring and Analytics does support this, in the analytic grids and charts (not scorecards yet), but to see the results, don't forget to change the primary browser language to the one you'd like to see."  This is for PPS 2007; i'm not going to promise anything, but i *should* do a post on this for SharePoint 2010.