A preview of what’s next on this blog

I quickly realized that I posted something for another blog to this one by mistake. My apologies if you had to read through my personal P90X stuff.

Anyway, I have been working on learning some great new stuff with XNA and Windows Phone 7. I have a 3D orthographic (think Fruit Ninja-esque) port of MonkeyFeeder (from my Zune book) on tap that I’m about to publish to the Marketplace. After publication, guess what’s coming? A big fat tutorial series! That’s right! Soup to nuts, Windows Phone 7 game with modeling, texturing and more.

I’ll point out that I have been using this great, free texturing plugin for SOFTIMAGE XSI Mod Tool called Roadkill, which unwraps UV’s very very nicely, Makes texturing a breeze, I wish that Mod Tool had the Unwrap option available but it’s not there in that version.

Installing Roadkill is not really that easy because you need to install some Python libraries. There is an excellent forum topic that describes the process and I followed it; it works.

I’ll be checking in soon, with more info.