Robotics and .NET Fundamentals Series

Hi there. I just posted quite a lot of video content for students and enthusiasts looking to learn Robotics Studio, a free tool from Microsoft that makes robotics fun and easy (even if you don't have a robot).

You can view supporting material here.

Here is a brief index of the content. Enjoy and comment!

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
    • Setting up the Create
    • Serial port communication in VC# Express
    • Teaching the robot to sing
  3. More on serial port stuff
    • Setting up and utilizing Bluetooth
    • Driving the robot in a square
  4. Intro to VPL and MS Robotics Studio
    • Learning how to drive the robot via a dialog box
    • See how you can use VPL to create a program without writing any code whatsoever
  5. Introducing Autonomous Behavior
    • Using the iRobot Create's sensors and a flow diagram to back up when an obstacle is encountered
    • Conclusion to the series


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