Announcing updates in pricing and licensing of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

In November, we shared how the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 will enable delivery of amazing customer experiences. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 is built to help organizations engage with customers on their terms, run simplified operations that exceed customer expectations, and expand into new markets and diversify product portfolios.

As we work on our releases, we actively listen to our partners and customers worldwide to understand what we can do to improve the value of our offerings and the purchasing experience for our customers. Based on this feedback and the added value being delivered to customers, today we are announcing simplifications and adjustments to pricing and licensing for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.

We do not include price points in this blog as the cost of the solution is based on each customer’s needs. However, we are well underway in preparing our worldwide field and partners with details on these updates. As we get closer to general availability, our representatives will have access to price lists and will be ready to assist our customers in their purchasing decision.

The widely known and familiar Server + CAL licensing model remains in place. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, there are no complicated and multiple modules to understand, count, license and track, just Server Licenses and CALs for users or devices.

We continue to offer four-tiers of CALs with options to license devices or users. This model has helped organizations choose the functionality that is right for them and we are making minor adjustments based on value and feedback:

  • The Enterprise CAL will continueto provide full access to all functionality. We are reducing the price of the Enterprise CAL based on customer and partner feedback.
  • The Functional CAL will see a significant expansion in value with new role-based capabilities such as marketing manager, environmental manager and quality control manager, among others which were previously only available in the Enterprise CAL. In addition, much of the new warehouse and transportation functionality will be accessed through the Functional CAL. Given the added value, there will be a slight price increase for this CAL.
  • The Task CAL will also see an expansion in use rights with approval of invoices and approval of all time and expenses. We will also add rights to operate a warehouse device as well as some administrative functional roles. There is no price change for this CAL.
  • The Self-Serve CAL will remain the same in use rights and price.

The Server License will see a significant new set of capabilities added within retail, master data management, warehouse management, transportation management and enhanced Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services. With this improved value, we will be reflecting an increase in the price of the Server License.

In summary, we are maintaining the familiar and flexible Server-CAL licensing model for Microsoft Dynamics AX, with no multiple modules to understand and license separately. We are introducing more value and functionality and making adjustments based on customer and partner feedback. All of this while keeping changes to a minimum.

Thank you to our partners and customers for their input into this process and we look forward to your continued thoughts and feedback.

/Paco Contreras

Director of Business Planning, Pricing and Licensing

Microsoft Business Solutions