System Center 2012 Release Candidate

System Center private cloud

System Center 2012 is our suite of products that helps you manage and deliver your private cloud environment.

We have just released the Release Candidate (RC) of the System Center 2012 suite. One of the most visible improvement of this version is the introduction of the Unified Installer. The installer will verify the pre-requisites for the deployment of any products of the System Center suite and subsequently deploy the products.

With the Installer we use two terminologies :

  • The installer computer : this is the server on with the unified installer actually runs (where you launch setup.exe)
  • The target computer : this is the server on with the System Center component will be installed. It can be a different system than the one where you launched the installer.

The components that can be installed with System Center 2012 RC are :

Component Build Description
Orchestrator Release Candidate Allows you to orchestrate, integrate and automate your IT processes.
Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) Release Candidate VMM helps managing the VMs and Services you have deployed in your datacenter. It allows you to deploy on multiple hypervisor including Hyper-V, Xen and VMware.
App Controller Beta App Controller allows application owners to build, configure and deploy across private and public cloud with a single self service portal.
Operation Manager Release Candidate Allows to monitor your infrastructure and diagnose application issues. It also brings a comprehensive view of your datacenter, private and public cloud.
Configuration Manager Release Candidate Provides a configuration management solution for the Microsoft platform. It allows the users use the devices and applications they need while applying corporate policies.
Data Protection Manager Release Candidate Delivers a unified solution to protect and restore data on servers and clients.
Service Manager Release Candidate Solution that allows to make the ITIL approach concrete by integrating people, workflows and knowledge across enterprise infrastructure and applications.


You can freely download those products from the following location : 

I’ll come back soon with additional content on how to deploy those solutions in your datacenters.


Happy discovery of System Center 2012 !